Hiring PYI Faculty and Grads

Consulting and Staffing

by Prema Community Fitness

Since 2011, the staffing arm of PYI - Prema Community Fitness - has created and successfully implemented weekly wellness programs for everything from hospitals to luxury wellness buildings to large corporate events.

PYI’s founder and faculty are leading voices in integrating yoga into diverse populations through innovative programming and staffing in the New York area.  Organizations as diverse as the United Nations and Google are currently employing our grads and faculty to teach mindfulness, hatha yoga, meditation, Yoga Nidra, and more.

Residential yoga* and fitness programs originally created and staffed by PYI include these luxury buildings in Manhattan:

The Corner
Tower 31

Please reach out to info@premayogainstitute.com to fill your staffing and consulting needs.

Why Hire a PYI Graduate

With over 37 million Americans practicing yoga, and a continued integration of yoga into medicine and corporate life, the need for well-trained teachers is on the rise.  

However, the U.S. yoga industry standard of training for “yoga teachers” is a mere 200 hours.  Given that it takes at least 500 hours training in the State of New York to become a barber, we feel that this standard is shockingly low.

Yoga Teachers and Therapists* train at PYI to gain better tools, better knowledge, and to be better prepared to teach yoga to diverse populations.  All trainings are conducted in a traditional manner, focusing on evidence-informed techniques.

• PYI Yoga Teachers have completed a minimum of 100 hours additional training in teaching yoga to diverse populations.

• PYI RYT500 Yoga Teachers have completed a minimum of 500 hours training total, including teaching yoga to diverse populations.  Training includes therapeutic essentials, mindfulness, meditation, and more.

• PYI Yoga Therapists have completed 1,050 hours minimum of training, over at least 2 years, including 225 hours of Practicum.  In addition to the above, PYI Yoga Therapists can assess clients and alter teaching to optimize healing and recovery when there is an imbalance present. Clients must first be cleared by a medical professional to practice yoga or meditation.  

Our certified PYI teachers and yoga therapists have or currently teach in medical facilities, including:

Weill Cornell Medical Center
Spencer Cox Center for Health
Mt. Sinai St Luke's and Mt. Sinai Roosevelt Hospitals
Icahn School of Medicine
Montefiore Children’s Hospital
Kima Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness
– and more.

To hire a trained PYI teacher, yoga therapist LSW, Nurse Practitioner, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, or Psychologist in your home or business, please contact us.

For individual yoga sessions or yoga therapy sessions in studio, please contact Pure Yoga and ask for a private session with a PYI grad.  Private studios are available on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side.

Training Modules

Looking to add a therapeutic module to your teacher training?  Our proprietary and classical materials can be presented in modules ranging from 5 to 100 hours long.  Please reach out to us for availability.  Dana Slamp’s current training schedule can be found at danaslamp.com.



*Yoga and Yoga Therapy are not intended to replace the care of a licensed medical health professional. Yoga supports your health, but Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists are not responsible for - nor do they assert to diagnose, treat, heal and/or cure mental or physical disease or illness. As with all exercise, be sure to be cleared to by your doctor or a certified health professional before practicing yoga.