Prema Yoga Institute

Prema Yoga Institute ("PYI") offers holistic yoga therapy instruction to empower the healing process. 

PYI Yoga Therapists* draw from a classical array of Ayurvedic and yogic techniques to encourage health in body, mind, and spirit. Sessions are modified for a comprehensive range of mental and physical imbalances, encouraging you to participate in your healing through yogic exercise, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, relaxation, and more.

Additionally, PYI provides continuing education to medical professionals so that evidence-based yoga techniques may be used in the field at large.  We are happy to offer Continuing Education Units to nurses, psychologists, and social workers for certain workshops.

About Our Programs

At PYI, we believe that yoga teaching and Yoga Therapy can empower the body/mind to heal itself.  The role of a Yoga Therapist or teacher is not to diagnose or to treat, but to empower the client to participate in their healing process.  

Prema Yoga Institute's Programs Are:

– Evidence-informed

Our faculty presents the physiological basis of each yoga and mindfulness technique, as well as cutting-edge studies confirming the efficacy of yoga as a preventative measure and a companion to allopathic care.  

– Holistic

We believe in person-based wellness plans that take into consideration the body, mind, and spirit health of a person.  PYI Yoga Therapists may integrate several different practices and lifestyle choices into a client's routine for their overall happiness and health.  Since yoga is both mental and physical, Yoga Therapists are often called upon to help clients transition out of mindsets and attachments to disease and pain.  In a word: You are not your pain.  Yoga can help a client feel her connection to the "whole" outside her current limitation, and to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

– Traditional

PYI offers individualized yoga chikitsa - or "yoga medicine" – and uses the ancient science of Ayurveda as our primary holistic paradigm.  Most trainings feature a yoga myth, a deity, and a chant to honor the lineage and history of therapeutic yoga. 

– Integrative

Prema Yoga Institute integrates the experience of its faculty with the teachings of international experts to create a comprehensive program dedicated to the health and wellness of each client. We believe in "circle learning" - wherein students are encouraged to provide knowledge from their specialty and experience.  The mix of yoga teachers and therapists, western medicine experts, and eastern medicine scholars in our faculty leads to radical collaboration among peers.  

– Comprehensive

Grads of our 2 year Yoga Therapy Certification are prepared to empower clients as they manage a comprehensive list of imbalances and illnesses, while integrating with their clients' health care professionals.

Learned modalities of yoga therapy include:

Structural Alignment (Hatha)
Slow Flow Yoga
Yin Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Bhakti Yoga
Breath Work
Restorative Yoga
Community Support
Chair and Prop Yoga
Motivational Interviewing

PYI is a proud member of IAYT



*Yoga and Yoga Therapy are not intended to replace the care of a licensed medical health professional. Yoga supports your health, but Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists are not responsible for - nor do they assert to diagnose, treat, heal and/or cure mental or physical disease or illness. As with all exercise, be sure to be cleared to by your doctor or a certified health professional before practicing yoga.