Graduate Credits


PYI is pleased to join Saybrook University in an Agreement to honor core PYI trainings as transfer graduate credits.

Students who have completed Modules 1, 2, and/or 3 on or after September 1, 2014 may apply with Saybrook and potentially transfer the following credits:

3 Graduate Credits for each Core Course may be applied in the following manner:

– Completion of PYI Therapeutics Essentials: 3 credits
– Completion of PYI Ayurvedic Yoga Training:  3 credits
 – Completion of PYI Yoga in Healthcare:  3 credits

PYI graduates must submit an official certificate of their completed courses to Saybrook, for Registrar review. The Registrar will award transfer credits to students upon enrollment into the MS or PhD degrees in the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences. 
Maximum amount of transfer credits per department are:

MS degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition - 3 credits
MS degree in Mind-Body Medicine - 6 credits
PhD degree in Mind-Body Medicine - 9 credits*

Please note that application and acceptance into Saybrook must occur to transfer credits.  Students may present PYI Certificates of Completion at the time of application.

* Unless the student is coming from another academic institution with which Saybrook holds an articulation agreement that extends the number of transfer units.