Our Partners


Saybrook University provides rigorous graduate education that inspires transformational change in individuals, organizations, and communities, toward a just, humane, and sustainable world.  Saybrook University is a fully accredited university with a humanistic philosophy that pursues a vision of an evidence-based person-centered health care, with self-care, mind-body-spirit practices, and other complementary approaches integrated into the mainstream of health and mental healthcare.  Classes are available remotely and on campus.

The College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences provides four doctoral level specializations and two master's degree, to prepare graduates to pursue careers in integrative healthcare and mental healthcare and integrative nutrition.  Graduates of a PYI Core program are invited to apply to receive transfer graduate credits.

Kula for Karma pioneers the integration of therapeutic yoga, meditation, and stress management into mainstream medicine and healthcare. As a nonprofit organization based in the New York metropolitan area, Kula for Karma offers programs at no cost to populations in need who face physical and mental health challenges.
PYI is pleased to place our Practicum students finishing their Yoga Therapy 1000 hr Certificate in clinical settings through Kula for Karma's initiatives. 

Pure Yoga, often named "Best Yoga" by New York Magazine, began in Asia and expanded to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and New York City. Pure's goal of "Many Practices, One Intention" has drawn superior teachers from leading disciplines. At publication, Pure was offering over 160 yoga classes a week in 20 styles, with four private yoga studios available for specialized yoga sessions. For more information, go to www.pureyoga.com.