PYI Ayurvedic Yoga Immersion


With: Dana Slamp and guest teachers Alison Cramer and the PYI Yoga Therapy Faculty

Location: Pure East and Central Park (weather permitting)

Dates: MAY 31 - June 16, 2019

A 100-hour Program

Tuesdays | 6pm - 9pm
Fridays | 6pm - 9pm
Saturdays | 9am - 6pm
Sundays | 11am - 8pm


Attention Teachers, Therapists & Dedicated Yoga Students Alike: 

Ever wonder which yoga is right for you, or for your client? You can deepen your teaching, your private practice business, and self care with the ancient science of Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is a 5000 year-old knowledge that is known as the "science of life."  In Ayurveda, the non-harming guidelines of yoga are designed just for you - so you can live in optimal health.



Our summer Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Immersion May 31 - June 16, 2019 will deepen your knowledge and skills of assessment when teaching different personality types.  It helps you and your students balance the challenges of different seasons, and can assist in addressing both physical and emotional imbalances.  This comprehensive training covers everything from the business aspects of private yoga to your own self care and energetic boundaries.  What's more, this program counts towards your 300 Yoga Certificate at Pure AND towards an advanced Yoga Therapy Certificate with Prema Yoga Institute.  Curious?  Register today!

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In this course we will cover:

Personalized lifestyle choices and self care to bolster your effectiveness in the healing arts, including:

  • Your present Ayurvedic constitution, or dosha (vikruti)

  • Ayurvedic essential oils (Abhyanga)

  • Daily cleansing techniques and skin care (Dinacharya)

  • How to make the right dietary choices for your dosha (constitution)

  • Maintaining digestive fire and energy (agni and ojas)

Teaching and Essential Therapy Tools:

  • Introduction to East/West comparative psychology

  • The classic intention behind the asana types, and how to modify asanas for each individual ("Asana Chikitsa")

  • The classic psychology of chakra theory, kosha theory, and how to use these systems for client assessment

  • How to alter your teaching to balance according to dosha, chakras and vayus

  • The classic esoteric philosophies of health and happiness

  • How to alter your practice and teaching for the era, season, time of day, and time of life

  • How to balance and teach to each constitution, tailoring your teaching to the individual

  • The necessity of down-regulating techniques in Hatha yoga (PNS-inducing yoga)

  • The constitution of different yoga practices and lineages

  • Interpreting "Doctor-speak" to modify practices in recovery periods or chronic pain

  • The Ayurvedic perspective of auto-immune disorders

  • Improve your business skills in private yoga practice

  • Use the paradigm of Ayurveda as an intuitive, effective and efficient tool in your teaching practice.

  • How to appeal to the "higher self" of your client while engaging them (Atman, Sattvic state, etc.)

Prepare case studies and teaching strategies based upon the classical systems of Ayurveda and yoga, addressing current imbalances practically

Training teachers will practice teaching one on one and in small groups, improving your ability to assess learning styles and provide customized, therapeutic teaching.

Review the the parameters yoga therapy, how to refer out, and how to teach to specialized communities, including those recovering from acute pain or managing a chronic disease.




Dana began teaching yoga in 2005, offering vinyasa classes known for their spirit, strength, and safety across New York City.  She joined the senior staff at Pure Yoga in 2008, expanding her teaching to therapeutic classes, as well as teaching in Pure's renowned 200 hour Teacher Training and Professional Mentorship Program.

Despite her love of classes, Dana saw the great need for one-on-one, specialized therapeutic teaching in the tradition of "yoga chikitsa" - "yoga medicine."  In 2010, she served as Managing Teacher at Pure West, and eventually cocreated the 300 hr advanced teacher training program at Yoga Vida.  Dana completed over 1100 hours of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga therapy training with Guru Dharam, Dana Flynn, Dr. Marc Halpern and Yogi Charu - becoming one of the first certified yoga therapists in the US.

In 2012, Dana founded Prema Yoga Institute, New York's premiere yoga therapy school.  PYI offers a radical collaboration between wellness professionals devoted to yoga, bridging the gaps between yoga and healthcare and academia and yoga.  PYI prepares wellness professionals to provide yoga and mindfulness to diverse populations - regardless of any injuries or limitations present.  (

She continues to teach internationally, contributes to countless teacher trainings, and has presented at the Telluride Yoga Festival, Wanderlust in the City, and several times at the Yoga Journal Conference. She has been honored to consult on research projects and wellness programs for clinics, doctor's offices, condominiums, and corporations. Dana is a member of IAYT and currently practices in New York City. (


Non Members | $1595
Equinox Members | $1495
Pure Members | $1395
Pure Yoga TT Grads | $1350
Prema Yoga Grads | $1295

100 Hours Credit towards a 300 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate at Pure Yoga

This course is required for the PYI Yoga Therapist Certification.